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Abstract submission

Thank you very much for your contributions.
All abstracts will now be reviewed by our scientific programme committee.

The final decisions will be announced by end of August, latest. Please be aware that the presenting author needs to be a registered participant for the on-site part of the congress.

We look forward to welcoming you in December in Barcelona.

Late-breaking abstract submission

To respond to the high number of requests, the abstract submission system is re-opened until 30 October 2023. Please note that abstracts can only be submitted as poster.

Abstract topics

Biomarkers and pathophysiology in migraine
CSF dynamics and headache disorders
Cardiovascular risk factors in women
The non-responders: It is not all about CGRP.
New developments in prophylactic medications and acute medications
Aura and premonitory symptoms
Biological sex in clinical trial outcomes (clinical outcomes, adverse events, PROs)
How to assess quality of life in clinical practice.
Cluster headache: How far have we come?
Cognitive dysfunction in migraine: Myth or reality?
Burden of headaches
New treatments in childhood headache
Devices and non-pharmacological therapies
Epidemiology: Migraine is more frequent in women myth or fact?
Pharmacogenetics versus pharmacogenomics in primary headache disorders